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  1. tr1age

    Why I switched to Opera from Chrome and don’t think I will go back.

    I personally have every major browser installed on my system — the needs of my job require it. But if I wasn’t burdened by that, I can confidently say that I’d be an Opera man and un-install chrome completely. Despite using Chrome for the past 4 years, I recently switched to Opera, and here are...
  2. tr1age

    Approved Copenhag Application

    Sold. Approved! Welcome to the Crafting Family!
  3. tr1age

    New World "It has good bones" - But does it actually?

    I was hyped for New World more than most people I think. I was making fan films in the betas Writing articles of excitement and how it brought back my first MMO nostalgia a bit but in this "New World" I was...
  4. tr1age

    Need More Info LadyLightning forthe love of all things Crafty!

    Are you not joining us? @LadyLightning
  5. tr1age

    Need More Info LadyLightning forthe love of all things Crafty!

    Looks good! Hop onto discord for your perms! :) Approved.
  6. tr1age

    Approved Application de Chennz

    This is a great application! Welcome to the crafter family!
  7. tr1age

    New World Amazon has divided PvP and PvE players in a deflection from their OWN incompetence.

    This is a summary of the forums: In these threads you have PvE players telling PvP players they are TOXIC and PvP Players telling PvE players they are Carebears. Both of these groups, are wrong, but the game is SO broken they feel the need to attack something… yet they are misplacing their...
  8. tr1age

    New World New World has an Identity Crisis

    I feel like the deeper you dive into the issues of New World you realize "the good bones" comment we like to use, is actually wrong. The bones are brittle and the code is bad. The core is just layer after layer of mistakes. So I would say enjoy it as long as you can, because I am pretty sure...
  9. tr1age

    Null and Void Tony's application - i say woof when i can't think of anything to say

    Well that is something we can offer. I will tell ya this: New World has lost its shine for many of us and we are now looking at the rotting core. We also still play it though so expect honest truths and healthy criticism of the game. :) But we are more than ONE game. We are a community first...
  10. tr1age

    New World New World has an Identity Crisis

    Today on my server Loloi, I was offline actually enjoying some quality time at home with my loved ones, when I came back and checked discord, I saw “They kicked them all out of the wars and threw all our territories”. I immediately logged in to see the map was 90% purple. 1 Yellow, two greens...
  11. tr1age

    New World New World has an Identity Crisis

    Leveling is pretty bad I agree. No diversity in quests or mobs. The grind didn’t bother me much. But I can see why it would bother many The game is better when not played seriously 💯 yeah there is one spot in the game where most go to level it since pvp isn’t good for it anymore They...
  12. tr1age

    New World New World has an Identity Crisis

    I like to think I am not alone on many aspects of this here is a great rant from someone about the "watermark" grind and skilled PvP: had a good chuckle.
  13. tr1age

    New World New World has an Identity Crisis

    New World if you don't know started out as a full loot, base building, hardcore survival PvP game. It had a Dark Souls like combat system, with stagger mechanics and counters to just about ever attack. It had many flaws though, such as full drop loot mechanics and other features that do not make...
  14. tr1age

    POSSIBLE PvP Open World Changes are AWESOME (If you are whining about them you may be a sociopath)

    If you haven't read it, there are some discussions from the Devs about PvP incentives in Open World: **Let's break this down for a moment:** A PvPer at the moment in a game that has a nice mix of PvE and PvP, that STARTED as a...
  15. tr1age

    Null and Void Lethes app - I own entirety too many animals!

    Hop into discord sounds like you will fit in :) Update: does not have discord, chose to go another direction. Good luck!
  16. tr1age

    Denied Application

    Not sure if this is a joke or not, but def not funny.
  17. tr1age

    Denied Application

    Please take another look and also let us know more about ya! Like that creative outlet you ignored!
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