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  1. tr1age

    Why I switched to Opera from Chrome and don’t think I will go back.

    I personally have every major browser installed on my system — the needs of my job require it. But if I wasn’t burdened by that, I can confidently say that I’d be an Opera man and un-install chrome completely. Despite using Chrome for the past 4 years, I recently switched to Opera, and here are...
  2. tr1age

    New World "It has good bones" - But does it actually?

    I was hyped for New World more than most people I think. I was making fan films in the betas Writing articles of excitement and how it brought back my first MMO nostalgia a bit but in this "New World" I was...
  3. tr1age

    New World Amazon has divided PvP and PvE players in a deflection from their OWN incompetence.

    This is a summary of the forums: In these threads you have PvE players telling PvP players they are TOXIC and PvP Players telling PvE players they are Carebears. Both of these groups, are wrong, but the game is SO broken they feel the need to attack something… yet they are misplacing their...
  4. tr1age

    New World New World has an Identity Crisis

    New World if you don't know started out as a full loot, base building, hardcore survival PvP game. It had a Dark Souls like combat system, with stagger mechanics and counters to just about ever attack. It had many flaws though, such as full drop loot mechanics and other features that do not make...
  5. tr1age

    POSSIBLE PvP Open World Changes are AWESOME (If you are whining about them you may be a sociopath)

    If you haven't read it, there are some discussions from the Devs about PvP incentives in Open World: **Let's break this down for a moment:** A PvPer at the moment in a game that has a nice mix of PvE and PvP, that STARTED as a...
  6. tr1age

    Trade virtual or real life goods here!

    Use this forum to post items you have for sale in games or in real life. No selling items in game for real life money! Also remember to use the proper PREFIX so people know which game you are selling for: Enjoy!
  7. tr1age

    Best Affordable Mics of 2021

    This came up in a few DMs, here are affordable mics that are great for beginners to get that voice chat quality on a better level and not going to break the bank: Rode NT-USB-Mini USB Microphone with Detachable Magnetic Stand, Built-in Pop Filter and Headphone Amplifier 100$...
  8. tr1age

    New World We need PvP Scaling back in New World so badly. The game is built on it at the CORE.

    TLDR: Amazon made a game, implemented core mechanics, then changed A TON but never removed how they work, thus pasting two different game modes on top of one another that clash. Faction Control for PvP quests requires you to kill ALL players doing faction quests to prevent takeover, thus...
  9. tr1age

    Windows 11 START MENU on the SIDES! - Finally a Working Fix!

    You can get the old Windows 10 Explorer, context menus, and taskbar using the newest beta version of Startisback. Finally a program that removed the dumbest additions to Windows 11. The start menu and the right click menu were absolutely ABHORANT. And no one mentioned this fun one: "Always on...
  10. tr1age

    Anxiety VS Panic Attack

    I was shown this from @hole and it is the first visual representation of the difference between a Panic attack which I have suffered from since little and general anxiety. I find this information very useful and wanted to share for others who may want to share or just get some knowledge on the...
  11. tr1age

    Current Events Dogecoin Creator Sparks Viral Tweetstorm, Says Crypto Facilitates Dangerous ‘Free for All’ Capitalism

    This article is absolutely fantastic. It's like people forget about history, Barnum Bailey, Andrew Carnegie, and the like. That is the wild west of Crypto. And those small amount of people who have enough money to lose and not care are milking those who are desperate and ill informed via "inside...
  12. tr1age

    Screenshot Ultra Wide 21:9 New World Screenshots / Wallpapers

  13. tr1age

    Josh Strife Hayes makes some great videos. Here are three of my favorites. (with a 4th bonus)

    I was also just thinking this. The MMO seems to be coming back, because it felt like, until this year that they were all dying, then BAM New World and about 5002348929 other titles to be released within the next two years! What do you think?
  14. tr1age

    I am a Crafter, can I discuss an application with an applicant?

    Crafting Worlds is built on community. Whether you have been a member for 1 minute or 1 year, your voice matters. We encourage people to interact with those who apply to become full fledged Crafters themselves! This is a great way not only to welcome those interested in joining the group...
  15. tr1age

    Nintendo PC Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge

    If this doesn’t give you all sort of feels. I dunno. It looks great. Feels like childhood. Just need a giant arcade machine to put it in so I can slam on a joystick and pump thousands of dollars of quarters into it!
  16. tr1age

    Twitch Highlight All my new world beta clips

    Snipers in the bushes! Life Staff PvP Random Fun / PvP Great Ax / Spear PvP First Dungeon a few runs as DPS, Tank, and Healer
  17. tr1age

    Top 10 Recommended Books of 2021

    Feel free to list you top 10 books of 2021 here for other to enjoy!
  18. tr1age

    MMO PC Core Punk MMO

    Have you been watching the Core Punk video releases? I think I am super excited for this game. I enjoy a good isometric game. But we will see. Here are some of the videos! This is their youtube channel:
  19. tr1age

    New World Crafting Worlds is playing New World: Our Official Recruitment Post!

    Crafting Worlds a Community First, good “Company” by nature [PvX, NA-East(all regions welcome) - English - All Ages] is Recruiting 🪓 Region: NA Eastern(all regions welcome) | Faction: Marauders Website: Discord: Who are...
  20. tr1age

    Ultima Online This is one of my favorite explanations of how different regions play Video Games

    This is an excerpt from a wonderful book by Wes Locher called Braving Britannia. To me this is absolutely my favorite explanation of how different regions play games. The difference specifically between Asian, European, and American regions. Highly recommend this read: In the weeks leading up...
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