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  1. rawrfile

    New World New World has an Identity Crisis

    My initial reaction is that this really reminds me of how after the US withdrew troops from Afghanistan, the government there quickly handed the country over to the Taliban without a fight. As someone who is more of an observer, it's been interesting watching the way the server is controlled...
  2. rawrfile

    New World New World has an Identity Crisis

    Hey tr1age, great article and I agree with what a lot of your points. I'll add a few things I've noticed as a casual low level character: Since I started on another server and am working my way up from Level 1 on Loloi, I hit the grind wall pretty early. Even though I was in a different...
  3. rawrfile

    MMO First MMO?

    My first MMO was Lineage. We used to play in high school during Comp Sci class, alt-tabbing in and out when the teacher walked by. =D I played a few other MMOs since, including RO, WoW (Vanilla/BC/Lich King), Lineage 2 (mostly Beta), and Guild Wars 1 & 2. I also play a lot of dungeon...
  4. rawrfile

    Approved New World Application

    What is your Name? rawrfile (usually) for gaming, but my real name is Isaac. ______________________________ What is your Discord Name (name#1111) ? Rawrfile#7626 ______________________________ What is your Age? (as long as you are kind, handle yourself with maturity, you are welcome! Just know...
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