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  1. blockspiders

    MMO First MMO?

    Absolutely! This felt like it was ahead of its time. I remember seeing the occasional person playing "K-Style" (some kind of animation cancel trick) and zooming over levels at impossible speeds, bouncing off the walls.
  2. blockspiders

    MMO First MMO?

    My first "MMO" was some pay-to-win Diablo knockoff called Mu Online. I spent a good deal of time in WoW, on and off, but played a lot of Guild Wars , especially once I met someone who had been playing since alpha and showed me how to actually enjoy it. I played a lot of Guild Wars 2 and I come...
  3. blockspiders

    Approved Blockspiders's Application

    What is your Name? Jake, AKA blockspiders What is your Discord Name (name#1111) ? blockspiders#5838 What is your Age? (as long as you are kind, handle yourself with maturity, you are welcome! Just know many of us are old farts.) 33 Where are you from? (location/timezone) Illinois / US Central...
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