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  1. Matthieu D'Arcy

    Josh Strife Hayes makes some great videos. Here are three of my favorites. (with a 4th bonus)

    I know this is an older post, but I second Josh Strife Hayes. I've started watching his vids recently and I enjoy him. I also enjoy his accent and the fact that he holds a mug like a proper Englishman for the entire video lol
  2. Matthieu D'Arcy

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    Thank you, @tr1age! And @Asteraceae, great to see a fellow nurse! Nurses Unite, fa sho!
  3. Matthieu D'Arcy

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    A P P L I C A T I O N: What is your Name? André ______________________________ What is your Discord Name (name#1111) ? DarKSainTJay#7068 ______________________________ What is your Age? (as long as you are kind, handle yourself with maturity, you are welcome! Just know many of us are old...
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