1. tr1age

    Fitness From the Fitbit Versa 1 to the Apple Watch Ultra an Ongoing Saga

    Not to be that guy, but this was a make it or break it moment for me. And watching the reviews on the Sense 4 a 300$ watch come in and be a complete nightmare. I just could not not try the Apple watch again. I HAVE and STILL USE the Versa 1. It has the following features: - Altimeter - 3-4...
  2. tr1age

    Fitness Fitbit Charge 5 Causes Skin Damage and Electrical Current Shocks!

    So first off, let me start off by saying, I have loved Fitbit for a long time, I jumped on board hard with the Versa 1. This was the BEST and REMAINS the BEST Fitbit to this day. But how is it that such an old device is still the best? Simple: Great battery life, great size, great contact with...
  3. tr1age

    Philips Health Smart Watch - Review UPDATE: Pulled from Amazon!

    First let me tell you, I have been waiting for a fitness band to not have notifications and all that extra bloat. If I want to check my phone, I will check my phone. If I want to check the time or my heartbeat, my wrist. I just don't want my wrist vibrating to make me more neurotic than I...
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