1. tr1age

    New World "It has good bones" - But does it actually?

    I was hyped for New World more than most people I think. I was making fan films in the betas Writing articles of excitement and how it brought back my first MMO nostalgia a bit but in this "New World" I was...
  2. tr1age

    New World New World: The Ultima Online of 2021

    So I decided to go pretty geeky this weekend and broke out the Lord of the Rings Trilogy extended cut. I needed something to pass the time before New World came out. Needless to say it has refueled the fire behind my love for fantasy stories and the immersion they create. It all started with...
  3. T

    Blade and Soul

    Hi guys, lately I've been having fun playing some BnS (boobs and soul) on the Onmyung server ( Crimson order ) If you are interested in joining in feel free to PM me in game, Thovarisk is the name of course. Otherwise you can also simply post here on what server you are on and maybe coordinate...
  4. M

    Crowfall Crowfall Open Beta 2016 Sign-up

    There are many TAB members looking forward to this game, and with the re-work of their official website ArtCraft Entertainment also announced open registration for the 2016 beta. Here's the link: It's still far away, but if you are interested in being...
  5. C

    Archeage Adventurez

    Figured I'd share some of what I've been doing, perhaps Zakis has a few to share as well? I carry a sloth on my back To battle.. on a fishing boat Flying shipz What is love? Foggy exploration Roll out This is Zakis' bed Gyoin sport fishing is a blast
  6. M

    Have MMO Devs "killed a genre?"

    I found this article today and thought it was really intriguing. At one point in my life, I used to be what I considered "hardcore." I played hours upon hours of video games, grinded multiple MMO characters to max level, and participated in end-game content like raiding and PVP. Admittedly, I...
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