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I am a Crafter, can I discuss an application with an applicant?

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Crafting Worlds is built on community.

Whether you have been a member for 1 minute or 1 year, your voice matters.

We encourage people to interact with those who apply to become full fledged
Crafters themselves!

This is a great way not only to welcome those interested in joining the group, but also
a beautiful way for you the community to make joint decisions on who is a good fit.

We moderate ourselves and by doing so it keeps us all in check, including you all toward admins. No one is above the Mission Statement and Guidelines of Crafting Worlds!

So yes, PLEASE, say hello to all new applicants. Ask them follow up questions.
And if you think someone is a good fit, let us know as well so we can help expedite the process.

We trust in our community!
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