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Is there a rhyme or reason for our community?

We think it has more rhyming than reason, but honestly what defines this site are the people who use it and the tightly knit community.

These days with things like Discord and Twitter making it much harder for people to read long passages of text (like these), we wanted Crafting Worlds to be accessible to someone who just wanted to browse and also to those who want to become more involved, having that long form format for both!

Forums are not dead, dammit!

Community, friends, family, games — this is what the founders envisioned in the early development of Crafting Worlds. They wanted a place where their left and right brained selves could co-exist no matter what games they jumped to, opinions they formed, or side of the bed they woke up on.

Several years later, the community has taken on a life of its own, growing into a family with an ever open door and welcoming words. Like a hostel in the middle of a big trail, you can choose to stay as long as you want or grab some information and be on your way.

Iteration plays a key role in this community, so keeping the community up to date with cutting edge tech while maintaining the "on the couch with a beer in the comfort of your own home" feel is important to us.

Crafting Worlds Mission Statement:

Crafting Worlds is a place where it is OK to blur the lines of career and life to create one focus: Art, Gaming, Creativity, and a Safe Space for people to partake in it. This is a portal for the multiple paths created with every step based on the life path of founder Tristan Pope which he has taken in his career and personal life, through good and bad, lessons learned, morals cultivated, adjustments made.

Crafting Worlds is about waking up each day and doing at least one thing he is passionate about rather than settling for just one road less traveled is how this came to be. Instead of fighting that urge to branch out, he embraced and shared it with others. Because at the end of the day, we have to share what we know, and hope that is enough to then connect with others to grow our own circle of knowledge and friendships.

Crafting Worlds is not a place, but a lifelong journey. A “Choose Your Own Adventure” through this metaphorical art gallery of life showing you the multiple crafted paths you can decide to explore; through The Arts: Gaming, Film, Photography, Mobile Innovation, Writing, OpEd Journalism, Technology, Social Media, and most of all Community.

Crafting Worlds has always prided itself on not being the "biggest" or the "best" but 100% the most tight knit group of people who believe in being kind to one another in a world, especially the gaming culture often wrought with toxicity. And no we are not "that generation" we are "Human beings who like to be treated with kindness and respect our fellow humans in kind".

With that in mind, we believe this is a great environment for all types of players. We welcome old and NEW players alike and with open, helping arms.

Many ask "Where is the best community?"

We say this: just find a community with players you like and start participating within it. See how it feels, and if it feels good, stick around! So we invite you all, local and abroad to join us at Crafting Worlds and let's CRAFT new memories, create NEW Nostalgia, and forge this new chapter together to play games and enjoy the arts, together, as friends!
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