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It's good to be back: A fresh slate! (yes we wiped EVERYTHING)


We have been working behind the scenes to begin this next chapter, creating an even better community that is truly all inclusive and strives to be better than all past endeavors ever could be. The only way to have gotten here was through physical time and our experiences. The past creating the building blocks to the future, good and bad. One that mimics, learns from, and grows from our other successful communities created over the years past and present.

Led by a now expert level team of dedicated humans who all have the common goal of bridging the gap between old and new. A mixture of modern technology and the more traditional forum to bring an everlasting sense of belonging.

We believe that long form and short form communication in unity is key to the future of a strong community: That and empathy!

I can't tell you all how much I missed having a community forum.
It was between starting one from scratch or porting over thousands of messages and old members from our previous community iteration.


I decided that even though without the "Big numbers" and "tons of threads" showing, people may be turned off to joining... but in the end it was the best approach to wipe the slate clean and truly embrace the lessons learned, experiences gained, and everything in-between by starting from scratch(media wise that is). It wouldn't truly be learning from the past or growing toward the future if we just ported over the past. So a clean slate it is! We did keep an archive though for nostalgia sake. We may or may not release it at a later date.

What we lack in "posts" we make up for in potential. I am looking forward to filling this place up with you all as we once again take iteration to the next level with Crafting Worlds: A safe space community for art, gaming, friendships, and so much more!

Check out the About Us for more information on what this place is all about!

Welcome to our new home!
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