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Forum Game The "Ban" Game (Forum Thread Game)


Let's start our first forum thread game. This one is called

The "BAN" Game.

This is more of an ongoing game that doesn't end and can be played as much as we want. The idea is to create crazy reasons as to why to ban the previous poster.

Your Mission Objective if you choose to accept it!!


IamCOOL posts: "I'm starting the game... now!"

Person123 posts: "Banned because no one likes ellipses."

DrgnRage posts: "Banned becusse you can count."

UnoriginalUsername posts: "You're banned because you can't spell."

While these are the more obvious "bans," you can really do any reason.
Ban because today is your friend's cousin's birthday.
Ban because you are taking a poo.

Ban because you can!

There doesn't have to be any true reason. It's just a fun thing to stop by and do :p


  1. Use common sense. Profanity, vulgar reasons, etc. are obviously frowned upon. Don't attack someone's character or let it get personal. If it does, we'll have a mod lock the thread.
  2. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EDIT YOUR POSTS. If you screw up, then that's more fuel for the fire! You know we have some grammar experts here!
  3. Have fun! That's the purpose of the game

And now, the game begins with someone banning me <3​


....Cannot ban the previous poster because he had banned himself.... but I can reverse the ban and then ban him again for self banning behaviors.... I feel like that is a "thing"!


Thread Starter
You are banned for spamming the forums. You have posted like 90% of the content so far, if that ain't spam idk what is.
You are banned for not making more of your own content and forcing me to be 90% of all content! :*(
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