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New World Amazon has divided PvP and PvE players in a deflection from their OWN incompetence.


This is a summary of the forums:
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In these threads you have PvE players telling PvP players they are TOXIC and PvP Players telling PvE players they are Carebears. Both of these groups, are wrong, but the game is SO broken they feel the need to attack something… yet they are misplacing their anger. And amazon is laughing to the bank.

The game is broken, it is divided, and it is a shell of two different types of games: PvE and PvP. It isn't Dark Souls, it isn't WoW, it isn't FFXIV. It is a mess and will be for some time unless their core changes, bandages on a broken bone, do very little to heal the issue and if left for too long will probably end up in deformity or death. They are literally using Amazon Prime customer service, over seas, to help people in need...

But instead of joining together to form what I truly believe could be a class action against false advertising (go back and look at their advertisements and statements years, months, days before release, all different) or easier yet, a unified front, demanding the game we were promised ON BOTH SIDES... it is PvE vs PvP.

It is always PvP vs PvE what you all need to look at is how Amazon has let this fuel on these forums and is letting it flame higher and higher, literally deflected all their issues onto us the players.

NOT the GAME being BROKEN and a SHELL of ANY direction. But OMG PVP PLAYERS RUINED THIS! OMG PVE PLAYERS RUINED THIS! And letting the in-fighting cause a rift that when and I mean WHEN not IF this game fails, they can blame "toxicity" not their incompetence. They keep your money, save face, and move on. You waste hours on an MMO that was truly just a flop.

Good Game Development means: balancing for both properly. And guess what? They didn't. Stop fighting one another and start fighting back at amazon,
Don't lecture other players on how they MUST be toxic if they like one or the other. This game was marketed wrong to so many people PvE and PvP alike. So take a stand against the company creating the rift not the players who all want to enjoy the game together. We need one another. All games need a mix of both. A healthy mix. But they have to support and develop the game mechanics for it. Right now, it is just a Discord PVP or Forum PVP match, with ZERO PVE to be seen as they bleed players who think the enemy is each other.

But instead we are mimicking real life Amazon vs Mom and Pop Book stores for convenience.

Cooperation 1, Little people 0.
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