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Before you Rant, READ THE RULES!


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Who doesn't like to rant? We all like to let off steam be it about current events, shit that happened at work, bugs in the games we play, or the good things in life.

So this is the deal, you can rant on whatever subject you like in this section, but be prepared you are allowed to respond however you feel fit. So put on your big boy pants people shit can get heated! You can also use these rants to post your thoughts on life and such, feel free to use any format you like: poetry, quotes, life experiences, love, and hatred!

Don't get us wrong there is a fine line between blatant idiocy and just being yourself. And we recognize that, because ultimately what makes a place feel like home is the people around you, so we do not want people to use the anonymity of the internet to further penis size.


This is a forum to speak your mind and talk about what you will. In a recent thread there were personal attacks and hateful name calling. There is a difference between an argument and an attack.

There will be moderating and editing posts that are personal attacks. You have been warned.
  • Attacking the person behind the argument is not allowed. Hateful or mean comments that are directed at the person INSTEAD OF the argument/discussion will get deleted and you will probably get a time out to cool down.
If the only way you can get your point across is to berate another human being, your argument isn't as strong as you think it is. We want these forums to promote a feeling of a safe place IN SPITE OF our differences. We can argue and not agree and get mad, but we cannot make each other feel like it is not safe to have an opinion.

We have a low tolerance in this section for giving each other a hard time. Part of what makes the rants the rants is that you can bitch, moan, scream, and yell. So understand NO action will be taken prior to a verbal warning if we think things are getting to heated. It is just a friendly reminder to, "Handle Yo' Shit".

I realize that there is no sarcasm font and the fear of censorship may be felt from this. This need not be the case, no posts will be deleted permanently, only the parts that are personal attacks, and I they will be notated to they can be restored at any point(and NOTHING will be deleted or removed prior to a public verbal reminder like we did in the last post, albeit that being an extreme example.) Know that it's our goal here that nothing gets deleted permanently. We archive anything that gets removed from the public eye so that issues can be dealt with the full knowledge of what happened.

If there are any questions or concerns please PM me or another mod.
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