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Ultima Online Crafting World's Official Ultima Online Private Server "UOAlive"



UOALIVE is an Active PvE Server | No Dono Items | Pure Gameplay | Mature/Welcoming Population | UP TO DATE OSI Accurate | FAST PING | Monthly Events | QoL Improvements | JOIN TODAY!

Discord: Join the UOAlive Discord Server!
Our website: UOAlive

UOAlive has always prided itself on not being the "biggest" or the "best" but 100% the most tight knit group of people who believe in being kind to one another in a game often wrought with toxicity.


With that in mind, we believe this is a great environment for all types of players. We welcome old and NEW players alike and with open, helping arms.

Many ask "Where is the best server",
I say this: just find a server with players you like and start a community within it. So we invite you all, local and abroad(we have a server that can give good ping to many different countries) to join us at UOAlive and let us help you create new memories with nostalgia attached, in character! Be it for PvE, A beer with friends, or some Role-play!


You can connect via discord immediately: Join the UOAlive Discord Server!

Our website: UOAlive


Player Testimonials: Player Testimonials


We support ALL clients and have tutorial videos to help you get playing immediately:



All others: Getting Started with the Login and Client Download Process


A place to tell your stories on the forums or discord with major EM events and Player run Newsletters:



Helping you tell your stories through social media:

Facebook: Log into Facebook
Reddit: r/UOAlive
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UOAlive
Forums: UO House Tours

Using UO for more than a macro/script game, to get the depth out of the roleplay you deserve
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