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Health sucks


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When are they going to create bionic bodies/heads in jars/anything other than these useless meat sacks?!

I've been pretty healthy most of my life, until the age of 32. Then I got blood clots which led to revealing I had a rare disease caused by a tumour on my pituitary gland (sits just under your brain) which has now been removed but I have the opposite, adrenal insufficiency. Meaning instead of the high cortisol I had with Cushing's disease I now make next to none. Unfortunately we need cortisol to live. The only other thing messed up about me is my elbows and after 2 years (well actually 9 years but we won't get into that) of waiting I was due my surgery this Thursday. Not anymore. Thanks to being high risk and of course the hospitals still being overwhelmed by Covid, they didn't pay attention to my notes and still had me planned as a day case. I am definitely not a day case, I need overnight monitoring and IV steroids. So it's been postponed. Hopefully not for too long but I'm so fed up of having issues! I miss the days when I saw my GP once in a blue moon. It's extra frustrating as most of the NHS staff I see are lovely people who are overworked so I can't even complain about them!

I've informed my boyfriend he must return from work tonight with ice cream.
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