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POSSIBLE PvP Open World Changes are AWESOME (If you are whining about them you may be a sociopath)


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If you haven't read it, there are some discussions from the Devs about PvP incentives in Open World: https://forums.newworld.com/t/dev-blog-pvp-war-and-territory/494952

**Let's break this down for a moment:**

A PvPer at the moment in a game that has a nice mix of PvE and PvP, that STARTED as a PVP game but slapped some semi OK PvE on top to appease a broader audience, is finally getting the issue of there being lack of endgame PvP for those who enjoy the activity, addressed!

You would think, HEY cool, let the PvP players get some love!

But no. Everyone is being a sociopath and thinking that it means PvPers now have some unfair advantage in the world or are being FORCED in a TOGGLE SYSTEM to flag for PvP in this "Only PVE game", whilst still enjoying connected faction territories and fast travel perks procured and defended by the.. PvP players.. but I digress...

Let's throw out a scenario for those who think .191710 % luck is going to make PvP players WIN New World the FASTESTEST:

Player 1 flags for PvP and heads out to get his luck on.
Player 2 flags for PvP and heads out to get their luck on!

Player 1 see's player 2, player 2 see's player 1... they stare deep into one another's eyes... and due to the color of their faction being deemed as EVIL by Amazon, they are filled with a rage induced bloodlust and now FIGHT.. TO THE DEATH!!!!

Player 1 dies. Player 2 now continues to get all the luck and win New World faster than Player 1... but WAIT... PLAYER 1 RETURNS... He looks directly into Player 2's eyes and says:


500 hours later, Player 1 and Player 2 realize they have farmed zero gold, have massive repair bills(well it wasn't massive after the first hour due to reduced durability loss, but NOW 500 hours later...), and they have not Won New World as NONE of them have actually done anything but fight over having their 1.18237101% luck being toggled on.

Meanwhile... over in the corner, chopping some trees, with their azoth iPhone playing System of A Down, full luck suit, full lumberjacking suit, zero worries in the world PvE player not flagged is getting some PHAT loot drops. Like BALLER DROPS. He sees the fight in his peripheral but is too distracted by.. well.. all the loot.

But he does have a moment in the chaos around him to take a moment during auto swings, to look at the New World forums. "PvP incentives will give PvP players who flag...." HE STOPS BEFORE EVEN FINISHING THE LINE...


And Scene.

So I conclude, anyone who is yelling about this is a sociopath. Also, have ya ever read green eggs and ham?

I know my friend did but now he likes PvP in the world, never thought he would.
He likes it so much he "got gud"...
He likes it with me here and there...
He flags up when I am not there...
He used to only flag with me...
but now he flags much more often for PvP!

So perhaps.. I dunno, find some friends to play the MMO with? Or if you don't want to do that, which is TOTALLY OK, let those who enjoy PvP WIN NEW WORLD WITH YOU, TOGETHER. No one is WINNING NEW WORLD BETTER with the proposed changes.

Thank you for your time.
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This is all well and good, HOWEVER, they might consider fixing all the 100's of other bugs BEFORE even mentioning PVP changes.
As someone who despises PvP I think it's stupid when people whine about something like that. Honestly, does it affect me what others are doing or getting? I'm still only level 20, is it unfair that level 60 players have better gear than me because I didn't put the time in to grind? No. Is it unfair that I get to travel the world unmolested by other players, only having to stop for mobs that won't give up? No. I'm useless at PvP so if I wanted that tiny extra chance at a good loot drop I would never see it because if anyone decided to fight me, I'd die. And die. And die. I would get less drops because I'd just die by other people's hands all the time.

Now if they were proposing to nerf skills that barely keep you alive in PvE because they make people invincible in PvP I might get annoyed but a chance at a drop? Who cares. I could be super lucky by sheer chance and get the best items in-game first time I try for any of them and I highly doubt anyone will get that lucky even with the PvP luck 'buff'. People need to stop being worried about other people. Then again that's easy when I'm in an awesome guild that won't go "omg you can't be in our group coz your gear sucks."
Can't help it. PvE or PvP, some people are entitled sociopaths. Just ignore them (I know it's hard, they tend to be VERY focal).

Even as someone who has flagged maybe twice since release day, I share tr1age's point of view: I see the change as reducing disincentives instead of giving unfair edge. The change might even help me consider flagging more often simply because PvP would become slightly less suboptimal for fun and progression. My only concern is faction balance: the smallest faction will see flagged zergs everywhere they go and there's almost nothing they can do about it aside from unflagging. Even 0.1% increase in luck can start making big differences in this scenario.
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