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zorph is LFG for sPvP in Practice Grounds - Walitiki and the Halls. Wildstar


Squirg Interpreter
Type of Event

Name of Dungeon if Applicable
Practice Grounds - Walitiki and the Halls.

Title of Game

Name of People LFG

Time Available
5:30-11:00pm CST

Date Available

All Other Information
Lookin for people to do mad PvP after I get off work to relieve the daily stresses. I will probably be in the lvl 15-29 bracket until Saturday. I am down for less than six hours at a time lol, that's just the time I can guarantee you I'll be here.
I intend to get out of the 15-29 bracket today, but I am always down for more pvps.
When I hit 30 on my war, I'll hit you up again. No crazy stalker awesomeness sadly, I'm much more of a bruiser on my war than utility.
That's okay, I have really been enjoying learning my utility build. I can easily double if not triple the time it takes enemy to cap. My 33% perma snare plus warrior 33% perma snare + CC = no caps. Let's get on thisss. :D[DOUBLEPOST=1402064928,1402064870][/DOUBLEPOST]I really want to do at least one 100% guild group this weekend. :D
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