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MMO Come RP with us in V Rising!


We have been playing V Rising, a new Survival game based in a Vampiric world. We have found the game mechanics and multiplayer aspect to be superior for us to create an RP server dedicated to acting out our deepest and darkest Vampire Fantasies! No not those kinds you weirdos! The ones where we claim our land and try not to get a stake through the heart.

We are going to be creating a PvP-RP server in which there will be the same code of conduct and mission statement that Crafting Worlds believes in "A Safe Space Environment" and "Fun First" mixed with that exploration, open sandbox, and survival aspect of our first MUD adventures. Think Grand Theft Auto RP meets Isometric Rust, meets Ultima Online social aspects, meets Vampires! We want to create a server that fosters interaction over "ganking" and "griefing". Fights that feel fair and fun, politics, hierarchy, and anything else we can dream up!

Sign up at http://discord.com/craftingworlds by putting in an application for the community.
Applications can also be found here: https://forums.craftingworlds.com/forums/the-staging-area-apply-here.15/

Once approved we hope to see you in V Rising for a new experience that will build bonds, friendships, and also have lots of back stabbing, literally, while you sleep, with a stake through the heart!!!
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