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New World Crafting Worlds is playing New World: Our Official Recruitment Post!

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Crafting Worlds a Community First, good “Company” by nature [PvX, NA-East(all regions welcome) - English - All Ages] is Recruiting 🪓

Region: NA Eastern(all regions welcome) | Faction: Marauders
Discord: https://discord.gg/craftingworlds


Who are we?

Crafting Worlds is a community of online gamers and creative heads with MMORPG experience reaching back to Ultima Online's heyday. We've seen games come and go, and we've been keeping our eyes open for titles that have the potential to let us relive what made UO, Everquest, Runescape, WoW, Guild Wars, and many other games so special for us: A game that offers a solid foundation on which to build a community.


Who are we looking for?

With over 15 years of community leadership experience(don’t worry we can share our linkedin haha), we have a very good idea of what makes a community successful: we are not looking for mere numbers, we want to offer a safe space for gamers who share our ideals, a place where each and all are welcome to be themselves without the fear of discrimination due to their race, gender, age or skill level. Maturity, tolerance and a genuine interest in getting to know the community members we're playing with is what matters to us.


While we do take our gaming seriously, it's never at the expense of having fun. In addition, considering that our average members are in their mid-30s, we understand that there are plenty of occasions where family and work will take priority over gaming.

Both PvP and PvE players are welcome to join us, as we're looking to be active in both aspects of the game.

Maybe you're a PvE player who would like to dip their toes into PvP, but feels a bit intimidated by what they've seen so far - perhaps all you need is a group of friendly people who have the patience to show you the ropes?

Maybe you're mostly spending your time doing your own thing, be it crafting or furnishing, but wouldn't mind having some people with whom you can have fun conversations on Discord while you're running your routes, gathering resources or moving furniture around in your new home.

Perhaps you've stepped into the New World and found yourself sucked in by the graphics and the atmosphere, boasting a collection of screenshots of your favorite locations that you'd just love to share with likeminded people.

Here is a great excerpt from a wonderful book that explains all the different types of play styles and how all are welcome at Crafting Worlds.

No matter your in-game focus, everyone is welcome!

What can we offer you?
  • A safe community where you can be who you are.
  • A friendly community Discord, as well as an active community forum.
  • A leadership with experience in running communities and community driven in-game events.
  • Zero tolerance against harassment and discrimination.
  • An emphasis on FUN. Majority of the people here will run a dungeon or fight that PvP battle until their keyboard breaks before quitting. It is that mentality that creates a fun and safe environment. No one feels they are a burden during the wins and the losses.
  • A chance to get in on the ground floor as we build out our gaming community: read our mission statement here!
How can you join our community?

You can join our Crafting Worlds Discord here: https://discord.gg/craftingworlds
You can join our Community Forums here:https://forums.craftingworlds.com

In order to become a member of our New World Company, we ask you to apply for membership on our forums. It's a rather low-key vetting process, and we believe that people genuinely interested in joining Crafting Worlds will appreciate that all of our members put in a bit of an effort to be in good Company!
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