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Approved Hyemesun Prungle's Application

A P P L I C A T I O N:

What is your Name?
What is your Discord Name (name#1111) ?
What is your Age?
(as long as you are kind, handle yourself with maturity, you are welcome! Just know many of us are old farts.)
Where are you from? (location/timezone)
Western NC / US East
Have you read the rules? Do you agree to them? And which rule resonates best with you?
Yes, and Yes. Probably the handle yo shit part. Being an online forum for an online game is hard. But, it is the personal responsibility of everyone to respect each other and maintain a safe community.
Do you understand(written above) you must be active in order to maintain your membership status to the community?
I do.
Do you have any friends who are Members? If so, who?
John C. and his partner Jordan
How did you hear about the Crafting Worlds?
From John and Jordan
Why do you want to be a part of Crafting Worlds? (this is probably the most important one)
Looking for a fun and active community with likeminded people who want a safe and fun and creative space both in game and out.
What was your first/favorite creative outlet? (optional)
Writing poetry and photography for my school’s literary magazine and to a lesser extent my Deviantart page. Favorite was being in a writing club with some folks in my small time. Good tight community of writers workshopping.
What were your first gaming experiences? (Console, PC, pen & paper, board games etc.)
First? Playing Intellivision. Most Treasured? Playing SNES with my sisters
What games are you currently playing/looking to play with the Crafting Worlds community?
Currently playing New World. Also, if y’all have anything going on in FFIV I’m fairly active there.
What role do you find yourself falling into in games? (For example: PvP, PvE, Casual/Social, etc.)
Mostly Casual PvE. Enjoying Tanking recently. But, really open to everything as long as it is in a relaxed environment.
Were you ever a part of a community? What was your experience?
Been a part of a few different guilds in my history with WoW and EQ. Experiences ranged from trying to do cutting edge raiding to relaxed social guilds. Also played CS 1.5 in CPL for a season(never again,thx)
What will you bring to the Crafting Worlds community? (Chatty? Skilled? Funny? Helping? Cookies!?)
Excited to learn and share in game experience and a willingness to learn. Love playing new MMOs and figuring out things. I’m in no huge rush to fly to endgame, really enjoying the ride so far.
Tell us about yourself or anything else you'd like to share. The more we know about you the better!
Excited to be considered and hopefully look forward to getting to know everyone as well.



To the point, hope to get to know you more as we go! :)Approved. Hop on discord for your roles.
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