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Matthieu D'Arcy

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A P P L I C A T I O N:

What is your Name?

What is your Discord Name (name#1111) ?


What is your Age?
(as long as you are kind, handle yourself with maturity, you are welcome! Just know many of us are old farts.)


Where are you from? (location/timezone)

Lafayette, Louisiana CST

Have you read the rules? Do you agree to them? And which rule resonates best with you?

Yes, I have read them. Yes, I agree with them. And the rule that resonates best with me is Zero Tolerance for any racism or anything else that ends with -ism that allows those brave Keyboard Warriors to belittle and be cruel to others because they can hide behind anonymity when they know they'd get KNOCKED THE FORK OUT IRL for their poorly used verbiage.
Do you understand(written above) you must be active in order to maintain your membership status to the community?

Totes. I works, like, 22 jobs, but gaming is my only hobby besides my thriving cocaine empire.
Do you have any friends who are Members? If so, who?

I mean, I wouldn't consider him a friend, but moreso someone that I can't get rid of. Like a much, MUCH older brother who wants to hang out because his kids don't want to have anything to do with him. His name is Gleig/Skelts and he referred me to the guild.
How did you hear about the Crafting Worlds?

Why do you want to be a part of Crafting Worlds? (this is probably the most important one)

I really appreciate the message of community and, from what I'm gleaned from the forums, it doesn't appear to ring falsely (I believe y'all practice what you preach). I've come to realize the old adage is true, especially now when the current MMO market is so tumultuous: playing MMOs without friends sucks. I surely don't mind doing solo content, but when it comes down to it, I play an MMO for community. When I look back on the early days of WoW, SWG, Everquest and other MMOs, I can't possibly imagine how we got 25-40 people together, night after night to do content and all be there as friends and comrades. People that I am still friends with to this day that I laughed with and shared so many found memories. That's what it's really about. Sure, I love gaming, but the people are what make the experience worthwhile.
What was your first/favorite creative outlet? (optional)

I wrote tons of short stories and still do and they'll likely never be read by anyone other than me lol However, writing and getting the creative juices flowing in that regard is where it's at for me.
What were your first gaming experiences? (Console, PC, pen & paper, board games etc.)

Sid Meier's Pirates! on the Commodore 64 and Wolfenstein 3D were two of the first videogames I played and created that seed that allowed me membership into the PC Master Race. My first two games for the original NES were Mike Tyson's Punch Out, Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. I'm also a big PlayStation fan and have owned every iteration of the PS. Being old enough to have played FF7, MGS and Resident Evil when they first dropped are some of the fondest memories I have in my life.
What games are you currently playing/looking to play with the Crafting Worlds community?

New World.
What role do you find yourself falling into in games? (For example: PvP, PvE, Casual/Social, etc.)

I enjoy doing all the things. PvE/Raiding is a big draw for me and I have a long history of progression raiding in MMOs (WoW most recently). I also love just doing casual solo play, which I find New World is awesome for. Gathering shit for hours? Sign me the fork up, son. Also, PvP on the scale that New World aims to achieve takes me back to big battles in Tarren Mill back in Vanilla WoW. The chaos and working towards an objective is what I PvP for.
Were you ever a part of a community? What was your experience?

I was in a community back when SWTOR first dropped and that was the first and last time I was in a community that spanned several games. I had an excellent experience and met wonderful people who planned several different games and I enjoy this because it keeps the community going without things getting stale. The only reason why I didn't join another community after was due to RL stuff and just no-lifing certain games with friends and playing other games solo.
What will you bring to the Crafting Worlds community? (Chatty? Skilled? Funny? Helping? Cookies!?)

My goal is to bring a positive demeanor and humor wherever I go. I like to keep things light and am a proponent for assisting others however I can, as well. What's the point of having a community if you don't help each other? I can't stand when people get elitist and pick their core group of PEOPLE AND ONLY HELP THEM!!!!!! I can also bake like an mfer. Y'all want some Peanut Butter Chocolate Macadamian nut cookies? I guess I should also say that I bring about 20 years of MMO knowledge and over 30 years of gaming knowledge to the table because I'm old.
Tell us about yourself or anything else you'd like to share. The more we know about you the better!

Hmm, let's see... I was an Medic in the Chair Force, which led to becoming an CVICU/ICU Nurse. I also love dogs, anime, stouts/porters, lofi, and great shows (The Expanse is my shit, beratna).
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