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    Currently Reading Organized Group Reads Dune Bookclub

    It was very good! A little slow in the beginning, but picked right up! GOOD NEWS I just saw they greenlit part 2! The wait until 2023 is going to be a long one!
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    New World Hunting for cooking recipes

    I'll pass any I find over to you if you want to pass any engineering recipes (if there are any that aren't higher end items) along to me :D
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    Currently Reading Organized Group Reads Dune Bookclub

    I just want to say I am sorry for doing a terrible job. Ever since New World came out I have been pre-occupied with that. 😅 I'm seeing the movie tonight, but plan on re-reading the first part of the book and posting my thoughts here on it!
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    Podcast Podcasts!

    +1 for Serial. That was a good podcast. I'll add those other ones too and give them a listen too.
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    I hope so too. It's such a shame they wouldn't let him film both parts simultaneously.
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    Currently Reading Organized Group Reads Dune Bookclub

    Maybe we should change the book club book to:
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    Approved Call me Scott (atomicdog), but Mr. Dog works too

    Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yea! Welcome to Crafting Worlds Atomicdog! I remember Rift, I thought it looked pretty interesting! I never ever got into though. Definitely a mindset I think all of us here can relate to! Only one week left until the big day! Just have to wait unti tr1age can...
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    Approved Mongo

    Welcome Mongo, nice to meet you! Looking forward to playing New World together and making some memories!
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    Currently Reading Organized Group Reads Dune Bookclub

    @hole no worries! I have not yet started book 2 yet. I can just start that after we're done talking about the first book!
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    Only about a month left to wait until we can see it! I've heard good things about it.
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    Approved Darkgarion's Applicaiton

    Hey Dark, nice to meet you! I would definitely love to hear more about anything you smoke. We have another member that does some smoking as well. I have some friends that do it too, and a couple of weeks ago they smoked some chicken and wings, and my god they were so flavorful and juicy. I...
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    MMO First MMO?

    Oh man Starcraft and Warcraft will always hold special places in my heart. I got introduced to Starcraft through my friend, whose cousin had burned a copy onto a disc lol. That game blew me away and I spent so many hours on, tried to get good but that never happened lol.
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    So I've read that Vileneuve wanted to film two films back-to-back, since--if i'm remembering this right--the film that's coming out only accounts for half of the first book, however he was shutdown. So hopefully, this one does well enough to warrant a second one. I'm very excited for it! I've...
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    Approved Crafter - - Yes I know this is awkward, but I've used this tag for years ^_^

    With a name like Crafter, sounds like you belong here!! lol
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    Approved Jeddifus

    Welcome aboard Jeddifus!
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