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    Fitness How the Apple Health App and Apple Watch Ultra Revolutionized My Health Journey

    As technology continues to advance, health and fitness enthusiasts are constantly seeking new ways to monitor and improve their well-being. In this quest, the Apple Health App and Apple Watch Ultra have emerged as groundbreaking tools that have transformed my health for the better. The seamless...
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    Ultima Online UOAlive is a Beacon of Excellence in the Ultima Online Server Space.

    In the world of online gaming, one server stands out as a beacon of excellence: UOAlive, the Ultima Online server. This community-driven server has earned a reputation as the best place for new players to start their journey in the popular game Ultima Online. The UOAlive community is known for...
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    Fitness From the Fitbit Versa 1 to the Apple Watch Ultra an Ongoing Saga

    Not to be that guy, but this was a make it or break it moment for me. And watching the reviews on the Sense 4 a 300$ watch come in and be a complete nightmare. I just could not not try the Apple watch again. I HAVE and STILL USE the Versa 1. It has the following features: - Altimeter - 3-4...
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    Fitness Fitbit Charge 5 Causes Skin Damage and Electrical Current Shocks!

    So first off, let me start off by saying, I have loved Fitbit for a long time, I jumped on board hard with the Versa 1. This was the BEST and REMAINS the BEST Fitbit to this day. But how is it that such an old device is still the best? Simple: Great battery life, great size, great contact with...
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    Forum Game The "Ban" Game (Forum Thread Game)

    Banned for not coming back for so long!
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    Fitness It wasn't just "Covid Weight".

    As of Saturday July 30th I hit my goal weight of 170lbs from 206lbs in January. 170.6 actually according to one scale and 169.6 according to another. (we will get to that haha) At first I didn’t even blink. Didn’t think twice. I have felt like I hit my goals weeks ago. But now this inanimate...
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    MMO Come RP with us in V Rising!

    We have been playing V Rising, a new Survival game based in a Vampiric world. We have found the game mechanics and multiplayer aspect to be superior for us to create an RP server dedicated to acting out our deepest and darkest Vampire Fantasies! No not those kinds you weirdos! The ones where we...
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    Why I switched to Opera from Chrome and don’t think I will go back.

    I personally have every major browser installed on my system — the needs of my job require it. But if I wasn’t burdened by that, I can confidently say that I’d be an Opera man and un-install chrome completely. Despite using Chrome for the past 4 years, I recently switched to Opera, and here are...
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    Approved Copenhag Application

    Sold. Approved! Welcome to the Crafting Family!
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    New World "It has good bones" - But does it actually?

    I was hyped for New World more than most people I think. I was making fan films in the betas Writing articles of excitement and how it brought back my first MMO nostalgia a bit but in this "New World" I was...
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    Need More Info LadyLightning forthe love of all things Crafty!

    Are you not joining us? @LadyLightning
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    Need More Info LadyLightning forthe love of all things Crafty!

    Looks good! Hop onto discord for your perms! :) Approved.
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    Approved Application de Chennz

    This is a great application! Welcome to the crafter family!
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    New World Amazon has divided PvP and PvE players in a deflection from their OWN incompetence.

    This is a summary of the forums: In these threads you have PvE players telling PvP players they are TOXIC and PvP Players telling PvE players they are Carebears. Both of these groups, are wrong, but the game is SO broken they feel the need to attack something… yet they are misplacing their...
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